"Be the change that you wish to see in the world!"

Mahatma Gandhi

The president of our Association on the causes and possible consequences of the pandemic
2020. 03. 23.

"I am not an expert on the subject therefore I am not in the position to judge the justification and effectiveness of domestic and international measures about the coronavirus pandemic. The health, environmental and economic consequences are difficult to predict, though they will probably cause drastic global changes. In my opinion there will be the least noticeable changes where the situation is catastrophic anyway. The average person maybe won’t even notice the negative consequences there.

I came home a few days ago with a friend of mine from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That country is notorious for the presence of life-threatening infections. Unfortunately, the unstable political organization, war conflicts and poor economy are existing problems. Despite all these problems and challenges, people are managing to survive. In spite of the serious shortcomings and for the European eye extreme features most of the population is able to raise their children and, in many cases, educate them. In this respect, I am sure we can learn from their will, tenacity and faith.

Recent pandemics should not be neglected. I am not only talking about COVID-19, but also about the spread of SARS, H1N1, Ebola and HIV. These diseases are just the tip of the iceberg. I am convinced that many more and often even more dangerous diseases are spreading on Earth every year, day after day. It is only because of the lack of information and our not knowing that we do not live our lives in fear, because if we seriously think about the consequences of our current way of living, we do not need to be geniuses to realize that our system is unsustainable.

We turned our planet into a huge wastewater tank and a vast landfill. We emit the craziest smokes into the atmosphere that even prehistoric volcanoes couldn't produce. We do not even consider light and noise pollution to be serious as “according to us” the other problems are much harsher. Meanwhile, we wonder that infections are appearing in the dirt.

We import basic foods from thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of kilometres. We often do that with fabricated controls, as excessive caution would slow down the economic growth. Millions of people travel the world every year as tourists, migrant workers, businessmen or as refugees from war and misery.

So far, the main consideration has been cost-effectiveness. It will probably be over soon. We need to put social systems on new foundations.

It is important to state that I do not preach with the superiority of the sinless wise. I was interested and still am in international trade. I've visited many countries and continents for fun, vocation or livelihood. I'm like a drug user who has already realized he has to go on a new path. So maybe I'm more authentic than someone who insists on change without actually knowing the global challenges face to face.

I think it's time for "REAL GLOBALIZATION" and "HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT". "Real globalization", unlike current globalization, means not gaining material gain, or perhaps political, religious power by exploiting and oppressing others. Rather searching for points of cooperation and mitigating conflicts on Earth. In the long run, it's only worth it when it benefits everyone. Some get rich from wars, others from stolen mineral resources, some from human trafficking, some from the fight against human trafficking. Yet the economic, and especially the moral losses are far greater than what those people can gain.

It is our duty to synchronize and harmonize the laws and economic mechanisms of each state and state formation.

It is our duty to support the local production of products that are vital to people. This will reduce the burden on the environment, the vulnerability of people, and the control of food supply and food safety. In this way, we can slow down and even prevent infections and poisonings from becoming global problems.

It is our duty to make it controllable and to monitor the health of travellers (including mental health), thereby the rate of spreading of infections can be reduced. Also the effectiveness of eliminating brainwashed people and psychopaths that are dangerous to our children can also improve. Modern high-tech systems can help achieve these goals.

Of course, along the attitudes of the XX. and XXI. centuries the new system can easily lead to abuse. Dictatorial regimes that control all of humanity can develop if we do not place sufficient emphasis on "holistic development". The essence of "holistic development" is not to focus on an ideology, religion, military power, or the worship of money, but to try to take into account all aspects when it comes to development. "Real globalization" would not erase the right to self-determination and independence, but would extend it more than it does today. The terror of money may finally come to an end. This does not mean that we will not need money after that. Just as a car does not run without fuel, so does the current economy without money. Money is an important part of our economic life, but maybe we will get to that point when it’s not the most important thing.

To summarise:

  • put our economic and social systems on new foundations,
  • we need a much more self-sufficient system,
  • harmonize the laws and economic policies of each country and region,
  • instead of exploiting each other, we should build on cooperating with each other,
  • make it possible to control the movement of goods and people in such a way that the right to self-determination and independence is not undermined but even progressed,
  • we need to develop holistically, so we cannot sacrifice important moral, natural, or other values because their forfeit seem to be beneficial in the short term for economic or political reasons.

I hope when we get over the coronavirus shock, we will not sit back and continue where we left off. Let's take this as a warning sign and finally make a change - if not for ourselves, for the sake of our loved ones. "

- dr. Peter Gergo Juhasz


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