"Be the change that you wish to see in the world!"

Mahatma Gandhi

Message from David Attenborough
2020. 01. 20.

Perhaps nobody needs to be introduced to David Attenborough, an English naturalist and broadcaster. His latest documentary, "Life On Our Planet," will be released this spring. The film outlines, among other things, the issues of climate change and explores possible solutions.

The movie trailer can be watched here: David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet | Official Trailer

“We have been putting things off for year after year. We’ve been raising targets and saying, ‘oh well if we do it within the next 20 years or if we do it…’ The moment of crisis has come. We can no longer prevaricate. As I speak, southeast Australia is on fire. Why? Because the temperatures of the Earth are increasing. That is a major international catastrophe. And to say ‘oh it has nothing to do with the climate is palpably nonsense. And what have been affecting the climate? We have. We know that perfectly well. So that we have to realise that this is not playing games. This is not just having nice little debates and arguments and then coming away with a compromise. This is an urgent problem that has to be solved. And what is more, we know how to do it. That’s the paradoxical thing. That we’re refusing to take steps that we know have to be taken. And every year that passes makes those steps more, more difficult to achieve. “

(Photo: https://deadline.com/2019/09/bbc-and-netlfix-team-david-attenborough-life-in-colour-1202746331/)


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