World Wetlands Day
Today is the World Wetlands Day, marking the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on February 2, 1971. They signed an international agreement at the Ramsar Convention in Iran.
The day of the Hungarian Culture
The day of Hungarian culture has been celebrated on the 22nd of January since 1989. In 1823 on this day Ferenc Kölcsey clarified the manuscript of the Anthem in Szatmárcseke. Until the 19th century we did not have our own national anthem. Catholics and the Reformed Church had their own national anthem.
Message from David Attenborough
Perhaps nobody needs to be introduced to David Attenborough, an English naturalist and broadcaster. His latest documentary, "Life On Our Planet," will be released this spring. The film outlines, among other things, the issues of climate change and explores possible solutions.
Dementia Program with the Hungarian Catholic Charity Service
In 2019, the INDA (Interprofessional Dementia Program) project has started. It is organized by the Hungarian Catholic Charity Service. Our association is involved in the research series of the two-year program.
Our fellow member, Csaba’s riport as coordinator of the medi...
The 9th medical mission started in Malawi on the 17th of October. This was the 3rd neurosurgeon team, who came from The National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, Budapest. Members of the team: dr. Laszlo Szegedi neurosurgeon specialist, who is also the organizer of the mission, dr. Gabor Nagy and dr. Attila Bago neurosurgeon consultants, dr. David Nagy resident, dr. Kelemen Jozsef anesthetist...
Csaba is in Malawi again as the coordinator of this year's s...
The Hungarian medical mission has started in the recent days in Malawi. The Food Angels Hungary joined them with their own Malawi mission as the “Malawi Angels”.
On Monday the president of our Association, dr. Peter Gergo Juhasz gave a presentation about how to become an entrepreneur. The event was organized by the Foundation for Information Technology Development at the newly built business incubator house in Kisvarda.
We met Lee Durrell
Lee Durrell visited Hungary for the invitation of the Jane Goodall Institute, and our Association was invited too. Lee Durrell is an American naturalist, writer, honorary director of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, and the widow of Gerald Durrell, the famous British zoologist and writer.